A smart social networking Application

Express opinions on topics of your interest and get measurable data insights.

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A world of ideas at your fingertips.

Sheer.Exchange provides users with a host of features that make idea sharing fast, easy and effective.

Post polls and gather insights

View results on opinions posted by others on your polls.

Choose topics of interest

See posts on topics that are of your interest and participate.

Interact with verified experts

View opinions of and interact with influencers and leaders you know.

Follow people and interact

Follow users whose posts interest you and interact with them.

Upvote and downvote opinions

Convey your opinion by liking a post or downvote if you disagree.

Share with friends

Share your posts with friends on the platform and with friends on other social media platforms.

Hashtags and Trends

Use hashtags to mark your post and view content having your favorite hashtags that are trending.

Search and browse posts globally

Search posts of your interest and view popular posts and topics being discussed all over the globe.

Get notifications

Get notifications on relevant events of interest and never miss a thing.

Videos, photos and more

Make your posts more interesting by adding photos and videos.

Artificial Intelligence driven

Powered by AI modules to ensure that we can serve you with categories and topics of your choice always.

Give your feedbacks

Give your feedback and share your ideas with us.

Creating a better communication ecosystem.

The solution has been built on the core value of serving people with a stage to express their ideas, making people's voices heard, and connecting people on topics of their interest & expertise.


Delivering in-depth data insights.

The platform takes a poll driven approach to opinions thereby helping in getting assessable and measurable results from all people in the platform.

Need support?

Get in touch with us at support@sheer.exchange to share your feedback and suggestions or for any enquiry.